Does Magnetic Therapy really work?

magnetic therapy products

Magnetic therapy products

Magnetic therapy is a complementary medical practice that calls for using a magnet to close or your skin to your skin to relieve pain as well as other wellness problems. Magnetic therapy products are often on the kind of shoe inserts and bracelets, rings, support wrappings.

The power of magnets mean terms of “Tesla” or “Gauss” A Tesla is equal to 10,000 gauss. Magnets useful for treatment have a higher magnetic power than typical fridge-kind magnets. Healing magnets are typically in the number of 200-10,000 gauss. Ideal family magnets are usually around 200 gauss.

Global revenue of magnets for treatment estimate at over $5 billion per annum. The marketplace is all about $500 million.

How can it work?

There’s interest in magnet therapy for medical conditions because of the number of electromagnetic fields that appear in the body. As an example, associated muscle contractions and nervous system transmissions are related to the magnetic action. The heart creates the greatest magnetic field within the body.

Other actions within the body are related to the magnetic action. At one time it had been believed that magnets could play a part in making these magnetic fields ordinary again and that external magnetic fields in the body might lead to particular disease states.

You could learn that magnets attract the iron in red blood cells, leading to increased circulation. But this isn’t right. The iron in blood cells isn’t of a type that is magnetic. Nevertheless, magnets, in theory, could have an impact on different elements of the body as well as other charged atoms in the blood.

There isn’t enough info to understand just how magnets might work in the entire body to take care of pain or disease.

The most robust evidence of effectiveness is for:

  • Nerve pain a magnetic bracelet of a particular strength (170-200 Tesla) for 12 weeks significantly enhances pain compared with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. Wearing a magnet additionally, reduces osteoarthritis- knee pain that is related. Other research also demonstrates that exposure to some weak magnetic field for 48 minutes per treatment reduces knee pain.
  • Osteoarthritis. Declining due to diabetes (diabetic neuropathy). Wearing a shoe insole featuring a particular strength (450 gauss) magnet appears to reduce outward indications of burning, numbness, tingling significantly, and foot pain caused by exercise. It will take about 3-4 months of treatment to determine the advantage.

Fewer signs of effectiveness for:

  • Foot pain. Some clinical research demonstrates wearing a special shoe insole containing a bipolar magnet (2450 gauss) for at least 4 hours daily and for at least 30 days doesn’t significantly reduce foot pain or heel pain.
  • Pain after surgery. While anesthesia is wearing off putting a magnet on a surgical wound in the recovery period doesn’t reduce pain or the need to use narcotic pain-killing medicines.

Inadequate evidence of effectiveness for:

  • Muscle soreness Arthritis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Raising muscle syndrome (CFS).
  • Enhancing wound syndrome.
  • Migraine harms (tinnitus).
  • Cancer.
  • Sports disease.
  • Schizophrenia disorder (OCD).
  • Epilepsy urination (incontinence).
  • Obsessive-compulsive due to exercise.
  • Early research indicates that using a particular strength (350 gauss) magnet for 45 minutes daily for five days after the vigorous exercise of elbow region muscles will not significantly reduce muscle soreness.
  • Research demonstrates that the strength (400 gauss) magnet placed on the rear for 6 hours daily, three days each week for seven days, followed by a one-week interval without magnets and then recurred, doesn’t significantly reduce long-term low back pain.
  • Developing research indicates that particular strength (700 gauss) magnets tend not to substantially raise hand muscle strength.
  • Healing wound after the operation. There’s some evidence that putting magnets in the type of patches over aesthetic surgical wounds might reduce water retention, malady, and discoloration.
  • More evidence becomes necessary to rate magnet therapy for all these uses.


Magnetic Therapy Products