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4 Things That Happen Right Before a Heart Attack

Despite everything you might consider, heart attacks seldom occur “out of the blue.”

The truth is, the body might be attempting to warn you of an imminent heart attack for days, weeks, maybe even two or monthly before it happens. Sadly, by the time you understand you’re suffering a heart attack, maybe it’s too late to avoid death or debilitating heart damage.

So-called quiet heart attacks, with signs and symptoms which can be moderate or appear unrelated to one’s heart, have long concerned cardiovascular specialist, Dr. Chauncey Crandall. So Dr. Crandall lately created an exclusive free video demo about the four most black warning signs to watch for.

Data demonstrate a clear connection between a delay in death or incapacity and heart attack treatment.

This video quickly went viral, surpassing 5 million spectators in just a couple of months although developed as an educational tool.

Newsmax Health Publisher Travis Davis credits the viral sense to the fact the content reaches close to home for a lot of Americans, particularly because heart disease is America. Actually, in the U.S. alone, almost 1 million individuals endure their first heart attack each year.

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Plus, in the video, Dr. Crandall also tells the real-life narrative of one guy who endured a “widow maker” heart attack after blowing off the warning signs — and nearly paid the supreme cost. The storyline is chilling but eye-opening because Dr. Crandall summarizes what could have been done to prevent this from progressing to the life threatening position indeed.

The truth is, by Dr. Crandall, heart disease can be prevented — and even turned — with the appropriate advice and easy lifestyle alterations.