We provide information on the best alternative and preventive medical products and practices to help maintain a healthy living and prevent illness. When you are sick you have no choice but to think about your health but preventive health care must be planned and executed ahead of time, even when illness is absent. Learning about and practicing preventive healthcare, so maintaining your body and good health throughout your entire lifetime is the best way to prevent disease from happening and promote longevity.

CAM ( Complimentary and Alternative Medicine ), such as Meditation and Relaxation Therapies, offer many long term benefits but building healthy habits such as eating right, getting exercise and avoiding destructive substances like tobacco, alcohol and excessive amounts of sugar and salt are crucial.


The underlying principle of treatment is that illness and suffering occur when the body’s qi, or essential energy, cannot flow freely. There may be many reasons because of this; physical and emotional stress, poor nutrition, injury or infection are being among the most common. Mental ill-health is equally viewed as one manner in which imbalance can exist within the physical body. By inserting ultra-good sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, a normal acupuncturist seeks to re-establish the free circulation of qi to revive balance and trigger your body’s organic healing response. Acupuncture is usually approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as cure for lower back discomfort


Aromatherapy is the regular usage of essential oils to improve emotional and physical well-being. Essential oils, extracted from vegetation, are believed to have unique healing properties.

The oils can be administered through cosmetics, breath, massage or with the addition of drops to a warm bath. Aromatherapy therapeutic massage entails a gentle massage, using essential natural oils diluted with a vegetable or nut oil, such as almond.

Bowen technique

Bowen is a get in touch with therapy, but isn’t therapeutic massage, nor manipulation. It uses an extremely light touch at particular points on your skin, and can be achieved through light clothing. It can benefit both emotional and physical problems.

Herbal remedies

Natural medicine uses plants, in lots of forms, to market good health and also to treat ill health. The primary types of herbal medication are Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic.

Some individuals turn to herbal supplements because they feel vegetation are more natural than medication and believe herbs will probably have fewer unwanted effects. Many medications derive from plants, in fact it is vital that you remember than some natural herbs can be quite poisonous, including some that will be the basis of medicines.


Massage uses contact in a respectful and sensitive way, taking accounts of physical symptoms, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being, and your life-style. Understanding the context where problems develop is really as important as searching for the symptoms.


Reflexology is founded on the concepts of ‘zone therapy’ (like the meridians or energy pathways) and the idea that the body’s energy field is a hologram, and every organ and program of the physical body has a counterpart in reflex factors in the feet, hands and ears. Practitioners work on the feet mainly.


Traditional Japanese massage which, like acupuncture, functions by stimulating and balancing your body’s energy flow along ‘meridians’ or energy pathways. The practitioner uses methods such as keeping, pressing, and stretching, to stability Ki or Qi (energy) in your body.

Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy uses the science of diet and nutrition to promote good health. It might help alleviate an array of conditions and assist in recovery. Each person’s needs could be dependent on a true number of factors, from inherited weaknesses to the influence of environment and lifestyle.

Furthermore to dietary and dietary advice, recommendations might include help with natural detoxification, solutions to support absorption and digestion, and procedures to market colon health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been the primary medical system found in China for a lot more than 2,000 years. It is predicated on a different knowledge of the physical shape from conventional western medicine and aims to rebalance the body’s energy systems.

In Chinese herbal medicine, treatments are ready from fresh and dried minerals and materials.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and mediation methods may include: posture function, breath work, reflection, use of sound and brief supportive phrases, and visualization.

Yoga exercise, in its most general feeling, it really is a spiritual practice made to increase self-knowledge and awareness, so that you could be free of old behavior patterns. The exercises can result in greater mental and physical freedom, and to greater control over the physical body and thought processes.

Meditation encourages you to be and at rest still. There are numerous different schools and techniques of mediation, based in different philosophies, but all try to quieten your brain and put you right into a continuing state of relaxed and stillness.

Useful websites:

Food and Behavior Study: this site has information on the subject of a multitude of circumstances where behavior, learning and mood are associated with nutrition and food. You can browse this given information by condition.

MedlinePlus: That is a website work by the united states National Institute of Health. The homepage includes a search option enabling you to type in various keywords so that you can retrieve the info you need. Typing the keyword “alternative medication” or “drug information” will immediate you to the relevant sites.

NHS options: Complementary and alternative medicines. This site is very beneficial to get info on all areas of complementary alternative medications, ranging from specific treatment to regulation of medicine, and how exactly to find a practitioner.

National Center for complementary alternate medicines / National Institute of Wellness: This All of us website provides extensive information in complementary medicines. It is easy to browse. Of particular interest may be the scientific trial register gives a synopsis of American study. This must be complemented with details from other clinical trial databases, for example the Cochrane collaboration . Select “news and occasions” for important safety improvements.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Data source: A subscription-just website with extremely comprehensive and comprehensive information on all types of organic medicines. It really is cross-referenced with the scientific literature, possesses features like a natural product drug and effectiveness conversation checker. It allows condition-specific searches and will be offering tutorials on particular topics also. Patient hand-outs could be downloaded